There are many uses for cocoa butter. Virgin or pure cocoa butter is naturally hard to the touch. It has a lot of good things going for as it is highly emollient, great for dry skin and preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. Cocoa butter is great for dry skin as it naturally contains Vitamin E (tocopherols & polyphenols which antioxidants)that protects, moisturize and help dry skin retain moisturizing factors longer.

As someone with dry skin, using cocoa butter places highly in the products I make. I tend to use it in lip balms as my lips go dry far too quickly than I like and adding cocoa butter helps my lips to stay soft and smoother longer.

I also drop 10g of cocoa butter in my bath water in winter and soak in. What this does is, my skin gets a hydrotherapy soak and as I come out of the bath the oil forms a barrier on my skin which is great for my dry skin and this helps trap in water. I would normally just pat myself dry so I leave the bulk of it on my skin.