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Video training course explaining how to make African black soap and other  types of black soaps. This course covers the making of  original Ghana black soap and all other black soap types including hammam, savon beldi / baldi,  in gel form, liquid and bars soaps using organic potash and all other types of potash.

The course explains and dispels many myths concerning African black soap.  You get several video training covering each type of soap together with an ebook that covers the step by step guide.  When I first had the idea for this course, I recorded a series of conversations I had with my grandmother first, and then I travelled to various parts of Ghana to learn how  people from different parts of the country make African black soap. All of these are documented as videos, audio recording and text provided in the course.

What I learnt taught me to be appreciate and humbled but most importantly, that African black soap is a very important type of soap. It is important because first and foremost.

However, potash is made simply from burning cocoa pods, plantain skins and many other plant sources. So to make soap that is solely saponified with potash, you are honestly making an authentic and the most natural soap.

The original process for making African black soap is laborious and tedious and as much as I appreciate that  process I sought to find a way to make the process easier so that  everyone  can also experience making African black soap wherever they are with what is local to them.

I have in this course, made the process much more simpler. Over the course of the years, we have had students come to Ghana from the USA, Nigeria, Kenya,  Ethiopia and several other parts of Africa  come to learn how to make African black soap with us.

I continue to learn more how to improve on making African black soap. I update the course from time to time and so when you purchase the course,  each time it is updated, you will be notified of the new updates.


  • How to make African black soap – the original Ghana black soap recipe, liquid black soap products and black soap bar soap versions.
  • How to use different oils, herbs, and additives black soap recipe.
  • FREE Bonus ebook: soaps, disinfectants &  detergent recipe book

The ingredients used to make African black soap recipes varies all over the world, what this course will teach you, in detail is how you can make black soap(African black soap) yourself anywhere in the world with the resources available to you.

This training is a combination of  video training and text presented in a straight forward way taking into consideration that you will rather be making soap than be reading theories.

BONUS EBOOK: This a hands on training that provides you with several soap and detergent recipes for different cleansing and degreasing in the home, at commercial sites and other usage.”]. This course goes beyond homemade soaps, it covers making both natural soaps, using melt pour, making soap with surfactant, powdered soaps, bar soaps, liquid soaps, disinfectants and household de-greasers.

Once you complete this course, you will know how to formulate soaps for home use, scale for trading or to teach others. Your course covers the theory, practicals and selling homemade soaps. The course is delivered in the format of video and an ebook. Upon completion, you will be aware our level 1 certificate. You will learn how to make your own soap base without sls or surfactants from scratch using oils from nuts, plants and animal sources only. We will be using oils such as coconut, palm, shea butter, soya bean or sunflower.


    • The different types of soaps.
    • How each type of soap is made.
    • How to select ingredients.
    • How to formulate your own soaps inspired by bigger brands.
    • How to sell your homemade soaps.
    • How to scale your homemade soap production.

THIS COURSE COVERS MAKING: Liquid soaps, face cleanser, shampoo (neutralising/ anti dandruff), creamy body wash, baby soaps, shower gel, moisturizing bath soaps, dish washing soaps, fabric softener,  foamer soaps, bleach and disinfectants, surface cleaners, floor & bathroom degreaser detergents, anti-bacterial hand wash, industrial degreasers, germicides, acid cleaner, sanitizers,disinfectants,  Adjusting pH, thickening methods, preservation, surfactant soaps ( both SLS / SLES / SLS free), making soaps using both botanical.

HOW TO: batch create liquid soap base, dilution, thickening, adding fragrance and the types of soaps to preserve and the preservatives to use for  soap.


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