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Our professional business consultancy services covers a variety of areas from starting, production to marketing. They are specific to starting a business online or offline in the UK or Ghana.  Your advisor would be one of our professional consultants who possess many years experience in setting up a business.

New To Ghana Entrepreneur Mentorship – This service can be provided in Ghana or virtually. You would be issued one of our business advisors who would review your business plan and advice accordingly with a set of plans to achieve your aim. See the breakdown of this service for the full itinerary.

Ghana Entrepreneurship Training– Delivered in person mentoring with business consult to review your business idea, evaluate, diagnose and resolve issues. This service is a day training that would result in you creating a business plan with forecast for your business if you do not already have one. If you have one, it would be reviewed and guidance given. At the end of your training, tasks would be set for you to complete according to the issues that comes up that needs resolving in the diagnosis.

Take Your Business Online – Mentorship process outlining how to set up online business presence for your product range covering selling on Amazon, eBay, Own website, using external fulfilment, scaling and contract manufacturing etc. This service is for existing brands that are looking to expand online to reach international markets only. IF your brand is not established, use the Own brand business service to develop specific areas of your business first.

Own Brand Business Services – This service can be used by businesses that produce soap, fashion or any other small own brand who are looking to strengthen their business.  It is a consultancy service where I assist you in a specific area. You could be producing your own products or acting as a middle person who buys in bulk from a local producer. These services would assist you in understanding and setting up a strong brand that resonates with your customers, marketing your brand, exploring routes to market, drawing a strategy for your business etc. The service can be used by anyone anywhere in the world looking to grow their business or business idea and it covers guidance support on  manufacturing, product development, branding, marketing, exporting existing brands, packaging change and sourcing, equipment design, sourcing and commissioning, ingredients sourcing, import to or exporting out of Ghana or UK.

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