make-money-onlineI started Siyɛm Ghana Soap School in 2010 to provide practical skills training when it dawned on me that in Ghana, we had many small scale manufacturers who made soaps and cosmetics without actually knowing anything about the kind of ingredients they were handling. We are the first formalised soap school in Ghana.

Since 2010, we have trained hundreds of students from Ghana, Sierra Leon, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Nigeria, Benin, Kenya, UK and the USA in various business  skills including  selling online, setting up a private label brands  and  we were the first to create a training online for making African black soap.

I decided to create a formally structured and practical skills training course that provided both theory and practical knowledge to people to empower small scale manufacturers in Ghana with the right knowledge. I have a history working in an academic environment. I worked at Middlesex university(London) for 6 years before going into a full time career producing and selling soaps and cosmetics.

I grew up around soap making, I also come from several generations of soap makers. My father is a soap teacher Accrachemical engineer who had a career manufacturing soaps, my grandmother was a career soap maker and was taught how to make traditional soap(Amonche) by her mother.

In 2009, I was doing field research on the viability of sourcing ingredients and producing my soaps in Ghana. I found that many people were surprise that cosmetics could be made in Ghana and people started asking me to teach soap making. It was very easy for me to change my initial business plan once I made friends with a woman in Makola market who sold soap and cosmetic ingredients. I often went to sit with her as she sold and started asking the manufacturers who bought from her about their training.

I was very alarmed to learn that  most people only had worked out how to make liquid soaps or herbal balms from seeing another person making it. Many people had no idea of how dangerous extreme exposure of some of the chemicals they handled can be to their health. This was what spurred me on to start Siyɛm Ghana Soap School. To provide good quality cosmetics, toiletries and other product formulation training in Ghana.

Over the years, I have also had people ask me various questions on help with starting a business in my other business interest and so I now provide training to people starting out in business, looking to start private label brands in fashion and other share selling online tips on the Ghana Soap School YouTube channel.


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