recycling tutorial for old hoop earrings

Today, I am going to show you how simple it is to make customise earrings to sell or even wear yourself. Covering earrings with ntoma is one way to customise cheap earrings but you can also use clay to transform the look of a pair of cheap earrings.

I wanted to match my blue nail polish and blues shoes so I created these with polymer clay. They turned out so well that I also made them in pink too.If the bright colours are not particularly catching for your taste then you can certainly pick your own colours when you are making similar earrings for yourself.

make new hoop earrings from old earrings

recycle old hoop earrings to be covered

Just 5 Minute To Make Customise Earrings
Condition the clay in your palm
Roll with your palm thin clay, this can be one colour or different colours
Twist the two or three strips of clays together to fuse into one fat roll of clay
Roll the fused coloured clay into a nice uniformed round ball
Pierce the ball with the earring and start pulling upwards whilst covering the earring with the clay
When the full earring is covered with clay you can dry it in an oven.
Once dried, you can polish it with resin based glossy polish like nail polish