On this page, I share some of the resources I use to manage my business interests. Some of these resources helps me to reduce the amount of time I spend on doing things by automating them. I am sincerely sharing only the things I find useful. I use a bunch of systems but I wont give away freely recommendation to just any product.
If you have an online online business interests, enjoy. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want further details on any specific mentioned resource on this page.

bitbond small business loans
 The reason why I recommend bitbond is for 2 reasons. 1) I invest in other aspiring small business entrepreneurs who use bitbond to fund their business. 2) I have used bitbond to grow my own business.  Bitbond is not a traditional lender so lending is not based on your credit history, where in the world you are and even having an existing business. Anyone can can apply for a loan on bitbond to fund a business, further their studies and even pay for general purchases. Lenders do not put blocks up based on what you are asking for the money for but rather that you show intention to repay back the loan. To qualify for applying for a loan, you will need to create an account, get video verified and provide your photo ID details by an independent Germany based agency. You do not pay for anything. Which makes bitbond reliable and easy to find independent funding for growing your business.


If you put videos on YouTube, an you wish to generate income from your videos or even understand why your competitors videos get more views than you do. TubeBuddy is 1 of the two backbones of my own YouTube channels. Using the 2 to analyse my data helps me to target my real potential clients.

With TubeBuddy, I am able to add tags I dont even think of to my videos, have access to a whole lot of behind the scenes structures that optimises my videos on YouTube.






This is the webhostting we use for all our websites. I recommend them simply because they made my life easy when I had to migrate all my websites which they did on my behalf. As a non techy person, their assistance makes my life very easy.  They host all types of websites including adult entertainment websites even. A small company based in the UK, the only time I had a bit of a problem, I got to speak to the owner of the company himself who personally saw to it that the issue was resolved. I recommend them wholeheartedly following a difficult 1 year experience with the most recommended web hosting company that many well known online celebrities recommends and walking away from 1 & 1 after 7 years  with them.

Latergram for scheduling pictures to post on to Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook.
Try Market Samurai For Free! I use marketsamurai to research topics before I write blog posts. This helps me to pick out keywords, phrases and questions people are asking around around a product. It has helped me to focus my content to only address particular issues which results in high conversions. This simply saves me from publishing several unnecessary articles that no one would actually read.




Let your clients buy a scheduled appointment or book appointments automatically on your website. This works on all platforms.

bitbond bitcoin lending
Are you looking for a way to make your money work for you? Bitcoins remains one of the few ways anywhere in the world to legitimately multiply your money without attending any online trading training. Buying to sell bitcoins and lending on bitbond is the best viable replacement for  buying to sell gold or holding on to currency to sell when it is favourable to do so. Lending on bitbond is simply about identifying good potentials whether it is helping someone in the other side of the world pay their school fees because they sound promising or choosing to invest in a business that has potential.