Ghana Admission

All in person training are open to both international students and Ghana based students. Training are provided in English, French and Twi.

Click here to download school application form to complete and hand in at office.
You will be asked to pay 20ghs for the application form in Accra.

Each student is required to complete an application form to be handed back in. Upon submission and paying fees in full, you will then be appointed a class, receive your uniform and course materials. This applies to both Ghana based students and International students coming to Ghana.





















Classes in English requirements: basic reading and writing skills in English and Maths skills would be required as students receive reading material that you need to be able to read and understand. You will also receive practical homework requiring you to produce and submit soaps and products you make in your own time and with a group you are assigned to from your class.

Classes in Twi requirements: students to be taught in Twi have to demonstrate a strong ambition to learn with the aim of progressing on to sell. You will be interviewed  and assessed before being accepted on to the course.

Prices are indicated in local currency, inflation in Ghana fluctuates almost on a weekly basis. So students coming to Ghana for a class check  current convention rates using the price quoted in Ghana cedi.

Application Forms: 20 ghs
International Students: 600 ghs
Ghanaian Students: 500 ghs

Certified Soap Maker, Cosmetics & Toiletries Certificate
upon completion of all 3 programs
Level 1 Spa, Hair & Body Products
Level 1 Soaps, Disinfectants and Detergents
Level 2 Soaps, Disinfectants and Detergents

class learning hair and body products soaps and disinfectants training class batik, shibori, tie and dye Textile Printing class
  • All training covers introducing the student to all raw materials, equipment’s and how to create your own unique formulas. Students get a real hands on experience as they work through several assignments in groups and on their own.
  • The workshops are made simple to understand, participants don’t need science or chemistry qualifications just  a willingness to learn a new skill.
  • We provide ongoing support to all our students after completing your course, from assisting with trouble shooting things that go wrong to helping you  start your business. Our goal is to help you set up your business and we would support you all the way to achieve this.
  • We don’t only train you, we also ensure that you understand the law on making and selling cosmetics, create a good manufacturing practice and create your brand.
  • We have both package kits for corporate events, bonding activities and for young people who fancy trying their hands at safe cosmetics making and weekend workshops designed for kids. The packages are suitable for groups at school, at parties and at home as a weekend bond building


We have the most extensive collection of soap making books in Ghana that includes both digital and hard copy versions of books and magazines on soap making, cosmetics manufacturing and other technical books for  formulating personal care.

These books can be accessed by both students and non students who register as library users. All books in the library are available for reference only, but may not be borrowed and taken away from the premises.
Disclaimer: All our books are available for reference and research purposes only. They are not for reproducing in any way.