there is no difference between jamaica black castor oil

You would often see online people trying very hard to differentiate black castor oil(Jamaican mostly) from normal castor oil. For anyone who understands the process for extracting oils from plant seeds, nuts and kernels, it is very easy to work out that there is nothing more special about black castor oil that normal castor oil does not contain.  It is not more natural or richer in nutrients. If you take a closer look, what matters is the extracting method and not if the castor oil you use has an infusion of roasted castor seeds ashes.

Both pure castor oil and jbco(Jamaican black castor oil) can be made using a natural method or a chemical method. They are both extracted using any one of the many methods of extracting oils. Oils can be extracted by manual, mechanical or chemical processes.

The most important thing when you are buying any oil is to look out for cold pressed oils. Cold pressed means that the oil has been extracted using mechanical or manual force only. Imagine a big grinding machine crashing heavily with force on the poor soft nuts or bean of a plant to force all the oil out of it. Oils can also be extracted through the mixing of chemicals and the nuts that allow the oil to come out of a bean or nut easily.

In this case the oil would float to the surface leaving the heavy mass at the bottom once crashed. Imagine what happens when you mix oil and water together and then leave it to settle, the oil always floats to the surface right? When a chemical process is used, it reduces the length of time it takes to produce the oil, the yield is also more and companies can turn over production quickly to meet demand. So really black castor oil can be produced using a chemical process too just as pure castor oil can be produced using a manual process making it a cold pressed filtered castor oil. It all depends on how big the company is and their share of the market place and how quickly they need to put their oils out on the market.

Pure castor oil is a thick oil, it has a similar consistency like honey or jojoba oil. This makes pure castor oil a little gooey and sticky to use. It is also a natural humectant which means that it attracts and seal in moisture on the skin or the hair making it very good for dry hair and dry skin. Because of this, pure castor oil is a very good moisturizing oil even though oils/lipids are not moisturizers themselves. When castor oil is refined it has a more fluid runny consistency and rubs into skin easier.

Filtered pure castor oil( BP) is used for formulating cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, in simple words filtered means it has been sieved to remove all impurities. Impurities are the small particles of the castor bean shell and other plant matter that may end up inside the extracted oil. Jamaican black castor oil or black castor oil is not superior to regular castor oil because of the inclusion of ashes when they are both extracted using the same method. The properties of both versions will be similar, the only difference is that the beans would be roasted for a longer period and the burnt shells maybe included in the oil after the oil has been extracted and allowed to infuse for sometime before filtering to create Jamaican black castor oil and bottling.