When you purchase Etsy SEO help for shop owners struggling to grasp the concept of Etsy SEO or designed to optimise your Etsy shop and improve your ranking, it is important that you have in mind what exactly you want to get out of the SEO help package you are buying. I say this because it has taken me a lot of reading, taking up training with many Etsy guru’s, trusting and getting burnt by people not delivering on their  promises to give me the world so I can sell incredible amounts on Etsy.

I have been burnt everywhere, from purchasing gigs for $5 from people who do not own a shop themselves let alone be able to help me to sell more, to actually finding really good trainers such as Lisa Jacobs from marketyourcreativity, Melissa Kaiserman,  Ranae Christine, Jeremy from huntinghandmade, handmadeology, makingitonEtsy and many others along the way.

I love sharing how much I have learnt along the way, 2 years down the line and I am partly inspired by the great example set by these good trainers who simply pour their hearts out into teaching others about what they know with selling on Etsy. It has taken a lot of trialling and trusting what others teach to be in a good place where my confidence has grown running two different Etsy shops.

When you are looking to buy any Etsy SEO help for growing your Etsy business, start by:
Having a list of goals you want to achieve with your shop.
Check your list against what the Etsy SEO help package claims to offer.
Contact the seller to get confirmation on anything you do not understand or extra’s you want.
You are paying for the service, so DO number 3. It is a must! Don’t worry at all about offending the seller by asking questions to satisfy yourself before parting with your money.

The one thing, I have learnt about being successful on Etsy is that even without knowing what exactly you need to do, you need to understand very well how the factors Etsy uses to ranks shops so that you can specifically ask for that particular help with buying Etsy SEO help.

You need to get your head around many things if you want to survive selling on Etsy or indeed online. What I have found is that sometimes, you can find a shop that (i) appears on page 1 of Etsy and (ii) ranks as number 1, (iii) get many views but after all of this that item has few hearts. Hearts and ‘hearting’ on Etsy is a clear indicator that customers have seen it, and fallen in love with the item. They may purchase or heart it to purchase later.  So, for me these days, the number of views an item has and the number of hearts it has received are far more superior than ranking for first item on page 1 for search results.

Etsy pulling up your shop up and showing you on page 1 is never enough for a customer to buy your item. You have to incorporate a whole load of little strategies to win the customer over.  You also have to understand that,  you can rank for 100th place for a popular search term but rank for number for the right keywords that will guarantee you a purchase at the same time. So not ranking  for a popular keyword is not an indicator that your listing will not be found.


You simply need to in effect, win Etsy search algorithms over, you should also win Google robots over too, because Google for instance sends me a lot of traffic to my fashion shop on Etsy far more than Etsy customers find me internally, whereas, with my bags shop it is around 90% Etsy internal customers who patronise that shop. This is not because of what I sell. It is because I optimise using different keywords that have differing competition levels on Etsy and outside of Etsy.

All this sounds like a lot to get your head around, but if it is new to you, be patient, read as much as you can find directly from the Etsy seller guide books and free blog postings by the names I have mentioned above. It can be frustrating that Etsy keeps changing its search algorithm and some these good guys mentioned above do not sell on Etsy anymore to be updated with real selling experiences. However, some of the old strategies remains the same so use their suggestions as starting points.

I also have a few listings with 500+ keywords for specific niche products sold on Etsy which I have put together from both Google and Etsy results that you can purchase at just £2.00. They are very helpful as they are actual keywords buyers use to search for items to buy and most often you would not even think of them yourself.

I also have for a short time (in beta test) a service to offer an actual shop critique that will help you to transform your Etsy shop whether you are new or  have an existing Etsy shop. This package is selling for 1/10th of it’s future price. It will allow me to workdirectly with you over a period where you will receive

  • A shop critique and advice on a list of things to do improve your sales.
  • Learn about SEO optimizing strategies on Etsy and elsewhere that would lead buyers to your shop.
  • You will have accountability sessions to report back on your progress to me.
  • You will get personalized goal setting plan with a deadline created for you to follow.   BUY  HEAL YOUR ETSY SHOP HERE