Many sellers bemoan Etsy for  not having our interest at heart and simply focused on making money off us sellers. I however, believe differently since successfully utilising a simple system that mirrors Google seof all the seller guides, tips and insiders info sharing on selling on Etsy. I believe that Etsy as an online marketplace is very supportive of us small cottage industrialist being successful selling on the Etsy platform.

There is also a whole lot of gems in the Etsy published seller guides and Etsy seller newsletters that will guide you to run a viable successful business selling on Etsy. The guides Etsy provides are so comprehensive that if you dedicate time to reading through the instructions Etsy gives, there will be no need to purchase shop critiques or Etsyseo guides from sellers like myself who have worked out the simple Etsy strategies.

Etsy SEO
It is common knowledge now how Etsy seo works. It works similarly to Google’s own search algorithm. Google search results always pulls up the most relevant results when we perform a search on Google or Bing and any of other search engines. Relevancy is always based on closing matching of the words the buyer uses, this is then followed by how previous people who searched and received your item in the search results interacted with your product. What I mean by this is that, Etsy’s robots records what people do once your item shows up in their search query. If for instance a buyer searches for “flat comfortable shoes for the elderly” and you have listed a 6′ high heels as “comfortable shoes for the elderly”. Your listing may come up in this search query. However, as it would be obvious from the picture of your item, the buyer would ignore your product. They will not continue to click on it to go on to your shop. Once this happens a few times, the search robots work out that you are simply trying ‘to game the system’.

This then leads the robots to work it out that your product is not relevant to the search terms of “comfortable shoes for the elderly”. The more times you appear in searches but buyers do not click on your item, the further down your listing goes for ranking for those terms.

It is easy to think that you will ‘game the system’ by using irrelevant terms as keywords when you are describing your Etsy listings. Etsy as selling platform has come a long way now and knows many of the tricks that one could possibly ever come up with. The first rule of selling online is to use specific relevant terms to attract buyers. If you use keywords that are not relevant to your product you will fail on Etsy and anywhere else.

The second thing to consider is how we, humans actually search for information online. We usually use descriptive adjectives and pronouns. So just imagine if you needed a pair of red shoes to go with the dress that you want to wear for an outing with friends. Think about how you would describe the idea shoe that would go with your dress, the time of day, the location and the environment you are heading to. If I needed to buy shoes I intend to wear on Saturdays whilst I take the kids to their hobbies and extra curricular activities. I would be searching for terms such as ‘run-around’ ‘comfortable’, ‘flat’, maybe ‘mummy shoes’ and I will also assume that the perfect shoes would be called something along the lines of ‘mummy running around on a Saturday’ type wording. This sounds pretty odd but it is the simple technique I personally use to sell on Etsy. I find that it works and I am able to meet my sales target of £1000 minimum monthly for each of my shops on Etsy.

etsy earnings
You may have read that the first rule of being successful on Etsy is to repeat your keywords in your title, first paragraph of your description and in your tags. This is true as it is mentioned in the sellers handbook. It is important to to at least have your listings keywords in your title and repeated in the tags. The reason why you need to also stuff your keywords strategically in the first paragraph is simply because when buyers do a search on Google, rather than on Etsy. Items on Etsy shows up. If your keywords forms part of a good long tail keyword phrase, your item would show up on Google. The first 20 words of the description or so may also show up on Google. This is the reason why it is good to put your keywords strategically in the first paragraph of your item description. Always remember though, that again, you can not game the system by simply throwing in all the keywords you are relying on. This view as keyword stuffing. When you are found to be guilty of stuffing keywords with no creativity you actually get penalised by not coming up in search results. This is explained further in this guide.

The way around using your keywords strategically is by learning how to write the perfect copy on Etsy. Describing your items may seem simple enough. But well written copy wins a sale and also gaming the search algorithms.

Autocomplete is the easiest way to  get an idea about the sort of phrases buyers type into search boxes. If you have not caught on to this yet you can explore this by starting to type part of the name of your item into the Etsy search box. You will notice that the system will automatically populate  with alternative strings of phrases. These phrases are said to be the most searched words that buyers type into the Etsy search box.  I started to type summer in the screen grab below. As you can see, I was given possible search phrases by the robots on Etsy. 


Once when I relised that another seller was successfully selling frequently by using the tags wholesale, I blindly, also used wholesale in my titles and my tags. I felt bewildered for awhile when I was not selling more as I expected. Innfact, because I had gotten rid of my tags that were bringing in eyeballs, I also lost sales. It took me awhile to figure out that the other seller had over 1000 inventory of stock. As such, if the tag ‘wholesale’ brought in eyeballs, there would always be a chance that the store will make a sale on any of thier items. My shop, on the other hand, had a tenth of the amount the other shop had. I had no business using ‘wholesale’ as a tag for my listings.