Did you know you can sell your hand made soaps on Etsy from anywhere in the world. As long as you make great products. People will buy regardless of the postage cost. I share my experience of selling on Etsy in this video where I sell both handmade soaps and fashion accessories which are either made and sent from Ghana or from the UK.

However, opening an Etsy shop will give you a platform to sell your soaps and fashion accessories to a much wider buying audience than when you are selling on your own website alone.

In order to sell on Etsy, I would encourage you to first read the seller handbooks thoroughly as Etsy themselves have provided all the information that you will buy from an Etsy expert. There are topics on every single thing to do right to ensure that your items sells on Etsy, because Etsy only makes money when you, the seller sells.

There are 1000’s of articles on selling successfully on Etsy. Some of these articles are from the very early days of Etsy so always ensure that the article you are referring to is current to this year.

  • Whether you have been on Etsy for awhile or starting out, the 3 most important article titles to read should before you open your shop should be  on 1) HOW to use tags and write titles right which is what many people call Etsy SEO. 2) Completing your shops ABOUT and policy pages. They are very important because these are the pages that buyers use to determine if to purchase from you or another seller. 3) LEARN how to write good copy that converts to sales. If writing is not your strength you can either pay people on Etsy, Fiverr or elsewhere to write great copy for your product descriptions that will convert to sales. 

And then, work the following out too:

  • Research POSTAGE options and work out the postage services you will be using for local and International deliveries. Make sure that you put information about the options that you are offering to customers such as options for expedite deliveries. The length of time deliveries take to reach their destination, what exactly they will get with the purchase they are making etc. 
  •  PRIORITISE explaining exactly what people will be getting for their purchase. Don’t take for granted that just because you have stated the name of an item your buyer would know exactly what they will receive. Go to the trouble of describing the weight, colours, care info and any cautions that needs to be taken into considerations.
  • TAKE time to complete your POLICY on returns and who is responsible for the cost of returns etc so that your potential buyer is an informed buyer for occasions when there may be surprises to you you or the buyer. 
  • The biggest reason that holds many soap makers back from selling on Etsy and other marketplaces is the the completed SELLING FEES. I think, unless a seller intends to sell directly to family and friends, you need to remember that anywhere that you sell your handmade items, there will be a commission charge from the middle man.

    You can not get away from them.

Over all, take the bold step of exploring selling on Etsy as it will give your business another outlet for selling. The options of things to sell on Etsy is unlimited and I find that if you are scared of competition or other soap sellers or fashion sellers stealing your creative ideas then that thought would simply kill your business even before you get a chance at being successful anywhere. You can not run a successful business by hiding. 

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