What To Sell On Etsy 4 Types Of Products You Can Sell On Etsy

What to sell on Etsy is a 5 video lessons that takes you through discovering the 5 areas to look, analyse and understand before you open an Etsy shop.
OPEN YOUR ETSY SHOP – http://etsy.me/2aDv71C

Etsy has best selling shops that sells 10000 items per annum to shops that do not sell anything at all. This is the course I wish someone had put out when I started selling on Etsy. It explains everything you need to know first before you dive into Etsy.

Lesson 1 – Who buys on Etsy (how much they spend, what they are looking for etc)
Lesson 2 – How to tell what is selling on Etsy(We look at actual figures of Etsy shops).
Lesson 3 – The types of products you can sell on Etsy. (the 4 types of products that are selling on Etsy).
Lesson 4 – Working around competition, Is there room on Etsy for 1 more new Etsy shop.
The above 4 lessons would cover the first steps for anyone who is looking to go into an Etsy business. The following steps are my recommendations for a new Etsy seller.

• STEP 1: How To Research What Sells – How To Get Ideas On What To Sell On Etsy With No Risk
• STEP 2: How To Find Great Stock To Sell On Etsy With No Money – Etsy Confidential. How To Stock A Successful Shop With No Capital (by leveraging white label to start your business).
• STEP 3: How To Create Your Shop – Inner circle Guide To Behind The Scenes Secrets Of A Successful Etsy Shop. Branding / Copy writing / technical knowledge on Etsy SEO, keywords selection and optimising pictures etc.
• STEP 4: Juice For Running A Successful Business – How To Constantly Boost Fresh Energy Into Your Small Business