Organic Potash For Making African Black Soap


organic potash for making African black soap

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Our African black soap potash is entirely botanical, leached from the husk of dried cocoa pods that has been cooked which results in a high organic potassium carbonate. This is the potash we use for making black soap in Ghana. It allows you to make ABS without having to leach your own lye first. This potash can be used to make all types of black soap including hammam and savon beldi.

Burnt woods can naturally produce lye strength of 10% and up, which means that organic potash can be your only main source of lye when you are making either a true liquid or solid soap. Typical examples of potassium amounts from plant ashes:

sunflower – up to 40% of potassium salts
buckwheat – up to 35%
corn – up to 34%
cocoa husk – up to 40–60%

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