Your shop getting found Etsy is solely dependent on optimising your listings with keywords we commonly now call Etsy SEO. Using the right search engine optimised keywords in your Etsy listing title, the first paragraph and repeated in your tags is the right way to market both your listings and Etsy shop.

Shop owners often get hung up on ranking and appearing on the first  page when buyers do a search. The fact is, you can easily appear on the first page of Etsy search results with any word. The results are bases on how relevant a buyers key phrase is to the words in your item listing.

So, although you may not rank in the first few pages for shoe, when a buyer searches for red shoes, your listing with red shoe is likely to be on the first page for ‘red shoe’ results.

To get a good idea of the type of words buyers use for searching on Etsy, your first point of call should be the search bar on Etsy. The search bar automatically will create a drop down list of phrases that buyers use on Etsy when you start typing in the name of the product you are listing.

You can also use the Google search bar to generate a list of key phrases or create a Google Adwords account so you can  also generate a list of words that buyers use. This is a tedious exercise but it is worth it as you are likely to find words and phrases that you may not think of yourself.
When you are selecting keywords to use, remember that it has been proven to be more helpful to use keywords that are seldom used. This ensures that there is very little competition by shops for those keywords. When there is little keywords, your listings are more than likely to come up high in the results.

When you create an Etsy listing, it is worth giving it a title that is optimised with popular trending Etsy tags. The Etsy API will give you details of popular tags and  title keywords, shop sales details etc that a developer can easily pull for you. If you are not tech savvy, there are often sellers on Etsy who compile popular keywords list for specific categories.

I have a few EtsySEO products that list the top popular tags keywords, the number of searches each keyword attracts from the USA, global searches and also if the competition for each keyword/keywords have a high, medium or low advertiser competition  for them.

Using the already extracted popular keywords list is the best way to come up with trending Etsy keywords. You may find list of tags from my general Etsy shop.