How African Black Soap Powder Is Made

How-African-Black-Soap-Powder-Is-MadeAfrican black soap powder is made during the production of authentic African black soap. It is the dehydrated version of black soap and contains the same ingredients regular version of black has. It is sold mostly to the end user to be used as a face mask or to be moistened and packed into cosmetic jars to be used just as you will use regular black soap paste.

I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding if black soap powder can be made from black soap paste and the type of black soap you can buy from Amazon. Unfortunately, you can not make ABS powder from already moistened black soap base unless you cook it or temper in the oven for very prolonged periods. Most black soap that is sold as body wash also contain far too much soap and it will take a long time to achieve this.

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How African Black Soap Is Made

The only way to achieve this successfully is by cooking the black soap from scratch yourself. So that the powder is scooped and saved the video below shows the stages and explains further how African black soap powder is made.


I. Is black soap good for your face, Yes, you can use raw black soap and scented soap to wash your face. You can also leave it on your face for about 5 minutes before washing it off.  It is not a good idea to leave it on spots over night as some advice online to for getting rid of spots, this is because the soap will dry out your skin and the caustic nature of it (as soap) will affect the matrix of the skin’s structure depleting keratin in the skin the area you apply it on. Always wash off black soap from your face. Highly caustic black soap can even lead to a permanent damage.
II. Is black soap good for sensitive skin, Black soap is good for sensitive skin because most black soaps are cooked to the equivalent of castile or triple milled soap. This makes it a very mild soap when it is sourced from a good producer.

III. Does black soap work black soap work for every skin type, Black soap can be used by people with different types of complexion. It doesnt matter how much melanin you have,

IV. How to use black soap, Black soap is used in the same way as you would use your regular cleansing detergents. By wetting and rubbing a sponge, flannel or cotton pad on the surface lightly followed by rubbing your apparatus on your skin with plenty of water present on your hair or skin to create bubbles. If you are wearing make up on your face, you may need to cleanse using the black soap more than once to ensure you cleanse your skin thoroughly followed by toning and moisturising.


V. Is black soap good for acne, Black soap can not heal already formed acne scars, however, it can help clear acne spots and new ones recurring as long as you are also combining this with a good skincare regime, understand how your acne is occurring and the things that triggers it. True acne occurs due to hormonal imbalance, as such using topical products alone will not stop chronic acne. Black soap is good for skin due to the herbs and plants that ends up in the potash used to make it but it is not a product that can resolve acne from outside the body. It should be used as part of a maintenance process.

VI. Is black soap good for oily skin, black soap is a highly cleansing soap, this makes it a very good soap to use on oily skin. It truly works on making oily skin less oily.

VII. Is black soap good for eczema, yes, black soap, especially the Ghana made black soap often has local herbs added that is very good for eczema and other skin blemishes.

VIII. Do black soaps work for dark spots, Yes black soap can help clear black spots depending on what the cause of it is.  If you have a chemical burn that is deep into the epidermis, I am afraid that black soap would not be effective however. Black soap would help clear black spots such as temporary sunburn and superficial hyperpigmentation. Aside this,

IX. Is black soap good for your body, skin and hair, Yes, black soap is used for washing hair, body and it is very good for use on the body.