Etsy 2017 updates and amendments doesn’t affect what happens when your shop is closed from the past year. When Etsy closes your shop, you will not loose access to your listings, descriptions and the tags that performs well for bringing your shop traffic. Most old blog post shows this information which is not accurate in 2017.  Etsy has an appeal system that can be followed to reinstate a suspended shop. Irrespective of how many times your shop has been suspended, you have a right to appeal up to 3 times.
Etsy is not as heartless as you read online.

I explain what to do and why you shouldn’t panic when Etsy closes your shop in this YouTube video, which is a very simple process. Don’t give up as soon as you see the disheartening email from Etsy about your shop being suspended. Many articles you find online implies that when Etsy closes a shop, you will loose all your data from listings and other back end analytics.

When a shop is closed or suspended, all the data is still accessible in case you want to copy and transfer to a different marketplace or your own website. You can download all your shop listings as a CSV  which or click on individual listings to copy all details.

When a shop is suspended, it is only the front end of the shop that does not show to customers and in search results, otherwise, all the back end remains in tact.  The shop categories will not show unfortunately so you will have all listings showing together which can make it a little difficult if you want to work through your listings by categories.